A new succulent pot

A trip to Flora Grubb yesterday (during which we expected to find a few specimens to add to our collection) resulted in a sizable purchase, after we realized that we had arrived on a “20% off all stock” day!

We purchased a variety of small and medium succulents and repotted them in an old pot which was overflowing with tiny aloe.

Unfortunately, I don’t know all of the species in here, but I know I have at least one echevaria, a hawarthia, and an aloe (one of the old ones).

February Succulents 1

February Succulents 2

If you know what species we have (or even the genus), please comment down below so we (and everyone else) knows what we’ve got potted!

Some succulent-specific basics I’ve learned (or already knew):

  • Don’t overwater. Watering twice per month in the growing season (late spring – early fall) and once per month other times is plenty. Watch out especially for pots with poor drainage.
    • Don’t water the leaves. If the pot has drainage holes in the bottom, just set the pot in a bowl of water and let the water soak up to the top of the soil.
  • Use well-draining / cactus soil
    • For example, 1/3 humus, 1/3 perlite, 1/3 sand would work.
  • Be careful – leaves are fragile. On some species, they can be knocked off with a very light touch.

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